Do You Absolutely Have to Go to the Doctor After a Car Accident?

Why Do I Need Medical Treatment Immediately After an Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident and you think you might be injured, go to the doctor as soon as possible. We recommend that people go to the emergency room, an urgent care facility, or their primary care physician the day of the accident. Prompt medical treatment is important for you and your possible personal injury claim.

1. Take care of yourself

The most important consideration after an accident is making sure that everyone is okay. If you are hurt, get help. Do not wait. The longer you wait the longer your injuries remain untreated, and they could be getting worse. Some common accident injuries, like whiplash, are difficult to identify yourself. A medical professional can diagnose injuries you might not even know you have. If it is a serious accident, see a medical provider to get checked out even if you do not feel any pain.

2. Proximate cause

In order to receive a settlement, you will have to show that your injuries were caused by the accident and not something else. The longer you wait to see a doctor, the easier it is for the opposing party to argue that something you did between the accident and your appointment caused your injuries.

3. Convince the insurance companies that you really are injured

Insurance companies are in the business of arguing about injuries. They understand the proximate cause. If you do not see a doctor immediately, the insurance company will ask your attorney why you waited so long, and they will try to argue that your injuries are not as bad as you claim because you did not go to the doctor immediately.

4. Treatment is necessary for settlement

It can be hard to know how much money to ask for in compensation for your injuries if you do not know what your medical expenses will be. In most cases, clients should receive most of their treatment before the attorney attempts to negotiate a settlement. Time is important in personal injury cases because if too much time passes after an accident you may have to file a lawsuit to keep your claim alive. It is important to get the process of medical treatment started so that you can end it as soon as possible and negotiate a conclusion to your case.


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