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If you were the victim of another’s negligence, you are likely feeling stressed, shocked, worried, or confused. The Advocates Law is here to help you. The Advocates Law is a personal injury law firm serving all of Montana with an office in Billings. While we cannot guarantee to make these feelings of anxiety and worry go away, we can help eliminate some of the causes of stress. Some causes might include costly medical bills, needed lost wages, and expensive car repairs. By easing these burdens, we can help you on the road to recovery. The Advocates Law can help with any type of accident. We’ll help you get your life back to normal. If you cannot come meet with us, we will come meet with you.

Billings is the largest city in Montana and continues to grow more and more each year in both permanent residents and tourism. Recently, it was ranked as one of the best places for small business startups. As growth has accelerated, city officials and other groups are making provisions for potential growth scenarios. However, amid such substantial growth, Billings has retained its small-town spirit. Billings also serves as a vibrant destination spot for various tourists. With its western attractions, events, hospitality, shopping, and other points of interest it is no wonder that tourists spent an estimated $4 billion in Montana in 2014. This means around 11.2 million non-residents visited Montana in 2014. This number was up two percent from 2013.

With the steady growth and increase in tourism, there are increasing opportunities for accidents and problems. For instance, take car accidents. The sustained growth has led to more cars on the road. With I-90 spanning east to west across the southern end of the city, often accidents can affect Billings Heights, Lockwood, the Downtown area, South Hills, Laurel, Westend, and Shiloh. Correspondingly, accidents along Montana Highway 3 can affect areas like Rehberg Ranch, Billings Heights, and Indian Cliffs. Additionally, U.S. Highway 87 running through the heart of Billings Heights, also known as Main Street, is the busiest section of roadway in the state of Montana.

At the Advocates Law, we handle all sorts of accidents, from slip and fall cases to dog bites, the Advocates Law is here for you. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an injury lawyer today. You deserve an Advocate!

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