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Collision Kills One and Injures Two East of Missoula


This is a picture of a semi truck traveling alone on a highway

Collision Kills One and Injures Two East of Missoula


A head-on crash between a pickup truck and a semi killed a man last Wednesday.  The crash occurred in the eastbound lanes of I-90 near Beavertail Hill at 2:45 in the afternoon.  According to an article featured in, the driver of the pickup truck was killed.  The semi-truck driver and the passenger of the pickup truck were taken to the hospital.  According to State Trooper Thomas Gill, the driver of the semi was later released, but as of the publication of the NBC Montana article, the passenger’s status is still unknown.  Thomas Gill stated, “The pickup was westbound on Interstate 90, and for some reason went into the median and went across it and went up on the eastbound lanes and hit by a semi.”  The reason that the driver of the pickup crossed the median is still not known.

Any type of accident with a semi-truck can be terrifying.  We hope that the passenger of the pickup truck can make a full recovery, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the driver of the truck.  Last week, our blog reported on another head-on crash with a semi.  Such accidents are tragic, especially when it involves a fully-loaded semi.  A serious accident can significantly affect the lives of friends, families, neighbors, and others who knew the victims.  The utmost care must be taken to avoid such accidents.  As the NBC Montana article mentions, we are not certain regarding all of the details surrounding the accident, but we would like to emphasize certain tips to keep yourself safe when driving near semis generally.

According to an article featured on Nationwide Insurance’s Blog, more than 250,000 accidents happen each year between passenger cars and semi-trucks.  Again, some of the best ways to avoid such accidents are to recognize that a semi has a larger blind spot.  You can easily weave in and out without realizing you are doing so.  Be vigilant when following a semi.  Assume they do not see you.

It is also important to recognize that a semi will need far more space to maneuver.  For example, if a semi wants to move into another lane, the semi can take up to three cars worth of space in a lane so the driver will have to wait for cars to move before it can get over.  Similarly, if you are driving in the streets and the semi is turning right, it will have to make a rather large and wide turn to get around the corner.  These challenges in maneuvering a semi also make it more challenging to pass a semi.  When you are near a semi, be sure not to follow too closely.  A semi will also need much more space to stop itself.  If you slam on your brakes and come to a complete stop, the length of distance required for the semi to stop is going to be much greater.

Here at The Advocates Law, we want to help you stay safe.  If you have been in a semi accident, or any car accident, call us.  We can help you understand your rights.  We can help protect and defend you.


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