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Cooke City Snowmobile Accident Kills 1 Man



Cooke City Snowmobile Accident Kills 1 Man


Park County Police initially suspected an avalanche was to blame for a snowmobile accident which caused the death of one man late last week. The accident occurred near Cooke City in Abundance Valley.

The body of the victim, a 29-year-old Minnesota man, was discovered in Stillwater creek with a snowmobile on top of him. Three other snowmobilers later happened upon the deceased man lying face down in the creek. They immediately contacted Search And Rescue (SAR). SAR pulled the victim out of the creek with rope and attempted to revive him with CPR. They were unsuccessful.

Investigators later determined that no avalanche occurred. Instead they suspect reckless operation is likely the cause of the accident.

“This tragic accident is especially hard on our rescue team,” said Sheriff Scott Hamilton in a statement released by Park County Police. “The 29-year-old man from Minnesota was well known by at least two of our rescuers. He had been coming to Cooke City for many years, and this was his third trip this season.”

The release of the man’s name has been delayed until authorities notify family members and relatives.

This accident follows closely behind another Cooke City snowmobile accident involving a Canadian man who lost control of his vehicle and struck a tree. The man is believed to have died instantly.

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