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Dog Bite Warning Issued by Police After Woman Gets Bit


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Dog Bite Warning Issued by Police After Woman Gets Bit


A little over a month ago, a Helen woman was bitten by a dog that was off its leash.  The incident occurred while the woman was running in Centennial Park.  The bite resulted in over $7,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs and shots.  According to, the woman was coming to the end of her jog when she approached a man and his two dogs that were not on leashes.  One of the dogs lunged at her and bit her twice.  

Because she was in a hurry to pick up her kids, she quickly obtained the man’s information and later called the man to find out about the dogs’ vaccinations.  Unfortunately, the information the man gave her was fake.  As quoted in the KBZK article, she said “First, I felt shocked, and then I became extremely angry and betrayed.  I felt that if he lied about his information he probably lied about the vaccination as well.  I felt a whirlwind of emotions.”  Unfortunately, this woman’s story is not uncommon.  Here at The Advocates Law, we have seen numerous cases where after an accident, the at-fault party gives false identification.

This woman’s story demonstrates that if you are the victim of a dog bite, you need to call the authorities. The Helena Police Department Animal Control Officer, Mike Maynard cautions in the article, “We want to get there to identify that dog and dog owner and try to identify the dog if it’s at-large . . . [e]ven if they don’t think it’s a serious thing, if they get bit, they should call us.”  If you are in an area of the state where the authorities are not readily available, ask for the picture of the owner’s driver’s license and other identification.  Unfortunately, in this woman’s case, she did not know that the man would give her incorrect information.  We always hope to assume that those around us are acting in good faith; however, when it comes to something that could potentially endanger your health, always call the police if you can.

Dealing with a dog bite from an unknown dog can be stressful principally because you do not know if the dog is current on all of its vaccinations.  In the case of this Helena woman, she had to go to the doctor and receive all conceivable injections in an attempt to ward off any potential infections and illnesses that could result from the dog bite.  This form of treatment was extremely costly.  A veterinarian quoted in the article, Dr. Heidi Wampler from the Alpine Animal Clinic said, “Had this man given correct information it would have saved so much heartache and money.  If he had followed the part and city laws, to begin with, none of this would have ever happened.  Laws and rules are there for a reason; even if you think they are silly, they are protecting others.”  

Preventing a dog bite is not only the responsibility of victims.  Dog owners must do their part as well.  Every dog should remain on a leash in a public area.  No matter how well-behaved you might think your dog is, it is essential to recognize every dog can bite.  You are not able to control your dog in every given situation.  

We hope something like this can be prevented in the future.  If you have any questions regarding a dog bite, please contact The Advocates Law.  We are here to help.  We can help clarify any worries or doubts you might have.  


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