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How Important Is Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident?



How Important Is Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident?


Prompt medical treatment is vital after an accident to protect your health and to lay the foundation for your personal injury claim. After your initial diagnosis, physical therapy may be an important part of your continuing medical treatment. Physical therapy has specific benefits for accident victims, especially those with whiplash.

1. Physical therapy is especially useful for whiplash.

Whiplash is the most common injury after an automobile accident, and many people do not seek treatment for it. Whiplash can cause pain and tingling in the neck and arms that may be permanent if not treated correctly. Physical therapy treats all of the body parts affected by whiplash injuries.

When the neck is pulled forward and backward the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascias, and nerve endings are overstretched at high speed and then overstretched again. Each of these kinds of tissues responds to trauma differently. Physical therapist are licensed to treat each layer of damage.

2. Painkillers don’t treat the underlying damage.

Many people simply use over-the-counter pain killers to treat whiplash. However, the medications may be insufficient to deal with the pain of the injury, and they do not treat the underlying cause. Physical therapy can not only heal your injury, it can also provide short-term pain relief through muscle relaxation techniques. Physical therapists also use strengthening exercises to reduce pain, and studies have shown that the exercises reduce pain better than any other technique except opioids.

3. Failure to treat whiplash could lead to long-term damage.

If whiplash is left untreated, the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more will not heal sufficiently. The strengthening exercises along with motor control exercises prescribed by a physical therapist not only reduce pain but repair the damage caused by whiplash.


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