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MDT Issues Caution After 13 Accidents with Snowplows


This is a picture of a snowplow removing snow from a road

MDT Issues Caution After 13 Accidents with Snowplows


The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) issued a caution to commuters when driving near a snowplow.  According to an article featured on NBC’s Montana website, there have been 13 crashes with snowplows already during the 2017-2018 winter season.  The MDT posted a slideshow on its Facebook page on Friday with pictures of the wreckage.  Apparently, many of the accidents were caused because drivers were going to fast and not aware of the snowplows’ approach.

NBC Montana goes on clarifying that a snowplow is designed to drive roughly 30 to 40 miles per hour and they need extra space to do their job properly.  With the equipment they have to use to do their job, it makes seeing all the passing cars very difficult.  This low visibility makes it imperative that drivers use proper care when driving near a snowplow and not to crowd them.  Although many commuters may find it inconvenient, the plows will usually pull over to allow people behind to pass every five to ten miles.

A fully loaded plow on the freeway drives slower than usual to ensure the most snow possible is removed.  This lower speed combined with the size of the plow and the bad weather conditions can make it challenging for commuters to judge the speed of the plow properly.  This challenge for drivers is why transportation officials encourage drivers to reduce their speed when they see a plow approaching.  This advice could help many drivers avoid a serious accident.

At The Advocates Law, we see all kinds of accidents.  Many of the accidents we deal with could have been avoided if the driver had exercised a little more prudence and caution.  We strongly encourage all Montana drivers to slow down when you see a snowplow.  We understand that life is hurried.  We are all in a rush to get to our destination.  However, jeopardizing your safety to get somewhere a little faster is a questionable practice because of the potential problems it could create.

If you have any questions about an accident, feel free to give us a call.  We can help resolve any issues or questions you might have concerning your accident.


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