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Missoula Woman Involved in Hit-and-Run; Flees Scene



Missoula Woman Involved in Hit-and-Run; Flees Scene


A Missoula woman is in jail after fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run crash. Montana Highway Patrol said that Amanda Mays, 24, was under the influence of drugs when she crashed into an SUV head-on around 9pm Monday evening.

In the charging documents released by Montana Highway Police, Amanda Mays entered a no-passing zone with the intent of passing the vehicle in front of her Ford Focus. She then collided with the SUV heading in the opposite direction. May is reported to have then exited her car and left the scene of the crash, allegedly for her boyfriend’s house.

Thirty minutes later, emergency services received a phone call from Mays claiming her Ford Focus was stolen from the driveway of her boyfriend’s house. When police arrived, they matched her with the description given by witnesses at the scene of the crash. Police promptly arrested her since she already had an existing warrant from Ravalli County. They returned her to the scene of the crash and she admitted she was responsible for the collision.

May was given a breathalyzer, of which she tested negative. May admitted she had left the local Wal-Mart prior to the crash. When police reviewed security footage from the Wal-Mart they discovered Mays had purchased several cans of compressed air, which she likely used as an inhalant. Security footage also showed her driving off without her headlights on and jumping a curb as she entered Miller Creek Road.

“The driver of the Ford Focus was driving aggressively behind another vehicle,” said MHP Trooper Mike Burman, “[she then} attempted to pass that vehicle and there was a vehicle coming the other direction, and they had an oncoming sideswipe near head-on collision. The other vehicle was rolled, and the driver of the Focus fled the scene.”

May is facing several charges, including criminal endangerment, which is a felony, and a host of misdemeanors. Ted Fellman, her public defense attorney, denies the charges, insisting May was buying the compressed air for her house cleaning business. Fellman said the tires on Mays’ Focus blew out, forcing her into oncoming traffic.

May’s bond has been set at $50,000. The passengers in the SUV suffered minor injuries.

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