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Montana Semi Truck Accident Lawyer


Montana Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Semi trucks are an all too common sight on Montana roads. The average semi truck weighs close to 40 tons (80,000 pounds) and extends anywhere from 60 to 80 feet. With so many of these massive transport vehicles on the road, it’s a certainty that collisions with cars and smaller trucks will occur. And semi truck collisions often have deadly results.

Semi-Truck Accident Claims

The attorneys at The Montana Advocates have decades of experience assisting semi truck accident victims recoup the losses they have suffered. No other law firm has the level of commitment we have toward helping semi-truck accident victims get back on their feet again. Our attorneys are experts in Montana law and will help you no matter where in Montana your accident took place.

Semi truck accidents can happen for a number of reasons. The following are just a few causes:

    • Sleep-deprived drivers
    • Engine failure
    • Reckless driving
  • Inclement weather

Tips to Avoid a Semi-Truck Accident

The best way to avoid being in an accident with a semi truck is to always follow the rules of the road and above all, drive defensively. Remember that even the safest of drivers, those who do everything right, can end up in an accident at some point. A few things to keep in mind when driving near semi-trucks are:

  • Do not cut off semi trucks
  • Avoid driving into a semi truck’s no-zone area or blind spots
  • Allow semi trucks to make their wide turns
  • Do not tailgate semi trucks since they can not stop quickly

The Montana Advocates Lawyers Can Help You

If you’ve been the victim of an accident involving a semi truck, the attorneys with The Montana Advocates can guide you through the complex labyrinth of a personal injury case. Semi truck accidents often involve multiple plaintiffs and damaged vehicles. With each additional party, another layer of complexity is added to your case. Oftentimes, it can be difficult just to determine who is liable for the accident since the person driving the semi truck is typically employed by a transport company.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is hard to steer a semi truck personal injury claim to a successful settlement without an Advocate on your team. Call us today for a free consultation about your case. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call (406) 272-6986 and get started on the road to recovery.