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Person Dead After Head-on Crash in Billings


This is a picture of a semi traveling on a highway

Person Dead After Head-on Crash in Billings


According to, officials have reported that at least one person is dead after a collision between a semi and a  car on South Frontage Road.  The crash was near the Zoo Drive exit on I-90.  The KPAX article reports that the semi was going west when it struck a black sedan head-on.  Highway Patrol Trooper Timothy Kucerovy said that the semi crossed the ditch and landed on the eastbound I-90 side of the freeway.  The driver of the car died on the scene, and it is still unknown whether the semi driver was injured.  The accident is still under investigation.

An accident like the one described by KPAX is devastating.  Our hearts go out to the families of those involved.  Whenever an accident like this one occurs, it is natural to wonder how this could happen, and what could be done to prevent such a disaster from happening again.  Although details are still forthcoming regarding this accident specifically, we would like to give some simple cautious tips for avoiding a horrible accident like the one described above.  

Fortunately for drivers, there are certain things you can do to be safe while sharing the road with large vehicles.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a series of tips for driving around large vehicles like trucks or buses.  These tips can be found on the FMCSA website.  Following these tips can seem simple but following them can help protect you and your loved ones on the road.  Below are some of the most important of those suggestions.

One of the most significant suggestions we have is to avoid the semi’s blind spots.  Semi trucks are among the most massive vehicles on the road.  For drivers of cars, it is crucial for them to give the semi adequate space.  Unfortunately, because of the size of the trucks, it makes it difficult for semi drivers to see specific objects on the road.  For example, if you are tailgating a semi, you might not be seen.  Semis are equipped with a lot of mirrors and sensors meant to help prevent this issue; however, as a good driver, you should never assume that someone knows you’re there.  

It is also crucial to pass the semi as safely as possible.  Many drivers, especially newer drivers, can find driving near and passing semis a scary thing.  However, with practice and caution, it can become more natural.  Remember to signal where appropriate and don’t spend a ton of time in the semi’s blind spot.  Be patient while doing so.  Avoid cutting in front of the semi too fast or too close.  It takes a semi a lot longer to stop than a car.

One of the principle things to remember is to be vigilant while driving near a semi.  All of these suggestions encapsulate this idea.  



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