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Pickup Driver Injured in Crash With House



Pickup Driver Injured in Crash With House


A pickup truck drove into a residential home late Monday afternoon in the North Helena Valley. Police said the truck driver was injured and the home suffered considerable damage to its exterior.

Montana Highway Patrol report that the Ford pickup truck sideswiped a second pickup truck. The second truck, an Avalanche, was reported to have been making a turn near Hope Road and Applegate Drive. The Ford truck lost control and barreled over the front lawn of the home, smashed a lawn ornament, and then crashed into the outside wall of the house. The driver of the Ford truck was transported to St. Peter’s Hospital for treatment.

Police believe the slick conditions caused by wintry roads are likely to blame for the crash.

“You really need to take three times as much distance to stop as you’d normally use on bare and dry roads and that’s a minimum,” said Trooper David Gleich of the Montana Highway Patrol. “It’s easy to let your foot off the gas to come closer, coasting to a stop than trying to hit the brakes.”

Montana Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash. Neither driver has been currently charged.

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