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The Advocates Law can help resolve some of the problems stemming from a bicycle accident.

Many people report feeling stressed, worried, and constrained after experiencing a bicycle accident. Bicycle accidents can be an upsetting occurrence. People not only have to take the time to heal physically but those who suffer a bicycle accident also often relive the experience each time they get on a bike. This mental burden can cause unnecessary fear in the victim’s life. While no one can make it like the accident never occurred, a personal injury attorney can help you deal with other hassles in your life. For example, dealing with the problems of lost wages, medical bills, and property damage can help you in the recovery process. It can enhance your peace of mind and help you feel less burdened after your accident. Relying upon a lawyer from the Advocates Law can help some of the nervous tension you may be feeling. The Advocates Law is a personal injury firm serving the entire state of Montana. We have offices in Billings, Missoula, and Lewistown. If you can’t meet with us, we can send a representative to you. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an Advocate today and start yourself on the road to recovery. Complete the form on this page, and an attorney will contact you soon.

We can help:

  • Deferring some high medical bills
  • Give you references to a medical specialist
  • Recover your needed lost wages
  • Talk to your employer

Preserve Your Interests with a Lawyer

Bicycle accidents happen more often than you think.  These types of accidents can also be extremely dangerous.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cautions cyclists because cyclists face a larger risk of injury than other travelers due to their exposure during trips.  For example, a cyclist sharing the road with motor vehicles can be dangerous because cyclists, if hit, are less protected.  The CDC approximated that in 2013, nearly 494,000 emergency department visits were related to bike injuries.  Although the increased use of bike helmets have helped in avoiding serious brain injuries, this does not totally avert injuries to other parts of the body.  Due to the design of some urban areas, some locations experience more bicycle injuries than others.  For example, if a city lacks bike lanes or other designated riding areas, the possibility of a bicycle accident is slightly increased.  Bike injuries can prove expensive.  Data from 2010 demonstrates that bicycle crashes contributed to lifetime medical costs exceeding $10 billion.  These high costs can lead to financial difficulty for many victims.  If you have been the victim of an accident because of another’s recklessness and are suffering under a financial burden, as a result, contact the Advocates Law.


We are confident in our representation of our clients because:

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  • STRAIGHT TALK.  We know this is a complicated, exasperating process.  We understand it well.  We will help walk you through it.
  • EVERYONE WINS.  We will help you win.  When you receive a fair settlement, we are all winners.  We feel accomplished by helping you.

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