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Were You the Victim of a Dog Bite Injury?


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If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you deserve someone who will aggressively represent your interests.  You deserve an Advocate!

Dog bites are surprisingly common.  An estimated 4.7 million Americans suffer a dog bite injury every year.  Of those injured, roughly one in five becomes infected and requires medical treatment.  A dog bite can happen almost anywhere, whether it be while on a walk or while visiting a friend.  Unfortunately, the damages following a dog bite injury can be severe.  They can lead to diseases such as rabies, tetanus, pasteurella, MRSA, and others.  Similarly, some bites call for reconstructive surgery.  Many treatments for a dog bite injury can be costly.  They can lead to expensive medical bills, as well as lost wages stemming from missing work due injuries.  These obstacles can add unnecessary additional stress to your life.  For example, if you were bitten by a friend’s dog, it might be awkward trying to address the problem.  The dog bite injury lawyers at the Advocates Law understand the days and weeks following a dog bite can be extremely challenging.  We can help you eliminate some of the problems that may be causing you stress.  The Advocates Law is a personal injury law firm serving the entire state of Montana with offices in Billings, Missoula, and Lewistown.  Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today!  Complete the form on this page and an attorney will contact you soon.

We can help:

  • Defer your expensive medical bills
  • Locate a medical specialist who will help you heal
  • Recover lost wages associated with your accident
  • Talk with your employer about your concerns

Avoid the Stress of Dealing with the Insurance Companies Alone

Handling claims with the insurance company can be very demanding.  Often, the insurance companies will have an entire staff to deal with injuries like yours.  This can make the process seem intimidating or unfair.  Your Advocate will not allow the insurance companies to take advantage of you.  Your advocate will help you maneuver the claims process.  Your Advocate will help you maximize your settlement.  The Advocates Law has helped thousands of clients just like you.

The Advocates differs from other personal injury law firms because:

  • WE PUT PEOPLE FIRST.  If you’ve been injured, your immediate needs are our priority.  Once we help you get back on your feet, we can all focus on the details of your case.
  • STRAIGHT TALK.  Insurance companies can make this process unfair.  We understand this complicated process.  We will be by your side every step of the way and help you understand it too.
  • EVERYONE WINS.  We win when you win.  You receive a fair settlement and we build trust and a better reputation in the community.

The dog bite injury lawyers at the Advocates Law want to help you.  No need to undergo this grievous process alone.  You deserve an Advocate!

“[The Advocates Law] were helpful and helped me navigate the hard process of insurance and medical issues.  I’m really happy with my experience.  I liked the level of service I received and how there wasn’t much hassle for me.”

-Sharon W.