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Meet our Spring 2017 Winner

It is a story that always ends up on the late night news. A phone call or knock on the door answered in the wee hours of the night. It is that one critical decision that could mean life or death for the patrons on the road.

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Education is Key!

Here at the Advocates, we believe that higher education is an important part of our society. We understand the financial strain that many students and families of students, face while pursuing that education. In order to give back to our communities, we are offering our Advocates Scholarship.

Scholarship Amount:

  • $1000 is offered biannually


Scholarship Eligibility

  • All students either prospective or current, who are enrolled in an accredited institution located within the United States may apply for this scholarship.


Scholarship Deadline

  • This is ongoing scholarship and awards are offered biannually
  • Fall Term: December 10th
  • Spring Term: May 20th


Scholarship Application:

  • Write 300-500 word essay on the following topic:

How has drunk driving affected car accident victims? What are some of the ways this could be prevented? What can you as an individual do to improve road safety?


Scholarship Terms and Conditions:

  • By submitting your essay, you agree to our terms and conditions.
  • Only your email and phone number will be used to contact you concerning the scholarship. We will not provide this information to any 3rd Your name and the name of your school may be used if you are selected as a prizewinner, or if you are part of our honorable mentions.
  • If you do not fill out all necessary information you will forfeit your consideration for this scholarship.
  • As previously mentioned, if you are selected as the prizewinner, we will contact you through email or phone, and the award will be sent to your accredited institution.
  • If you are selected as the scholarships winner, we will contact you for a profile photo to be included with your scholarship on our scholarship page.


Please submit your information and essay in the form below.