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Semi Truck Slides Off Highway 200 Near Rogers Pass


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Semi Truck Slides Off Highway 200 Near Rogers Pass


Traffic along Highway 200 was stalled after a wreck caused a semi truck to slide off the icy road. The accident occurred along Rogers Pass. No one was injured in the accident.

The Montana Department of Transportation said traffic along Highway 200 was closed for several

truck crash

hours while crews cleared away the damaged semi truck. Traffic was rerouted along US-279 and US-287. Iron Horse Towing in Missoula was able to separate the truck from the cargo trailer. The wreck

caused the guard rail to be damaged substantially. Drivers are urged to remain cautious when driving on Highway 200 until work crews can make necessary repairs.

Montana has seen a number of car and commercial truck wrecks due to wintry conditions this year. Montana Department of Transportation has had to work overtime to keep the roads in driveable condition.

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